Top 5 Romantic Travel Dates

Whilst there’s nothing like going-against-the-grain when it comes to romance, some places are just made to cosy moments for two. With valentines day coming up, here are my favourite travel-inspired outings to give you those all-important butterflies.

1. Brunch in Front of the Colosseum

Grab a sandwich and hot drink to-go and start your day overlooking one of the most incredible sights in the world. Bonus points if you take a wander to overlook the Roman Forum next door too.

Stratford Upon Avon Riverside from Study Work Travel Blog

2. Row Down the River in Shakespeare’s Birthplace

Go for a lovely afternoon tea in Stratford-upon-Avon before taking a rowing boat out for a paddle along the river Avon. Finish your day off with a play at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre and your dream date is complete.

3. Transport Yourself to Another World in Portmeirion

Home to candy-coloured houses tumbling down the hillside paired with film-set sights, Portmeirion is a beautiful gem on the Welsh coast. Visit the spa, wander the exotic gardens or simply take tea overlooking it all, there’s even a hotel or two if you want to make a longer break of it right there in the village.

Paris Seine bridge with Study Work Travel Blog

4. See the City of Love Lit up at Night

No sight quite compares to the lights of Paris as they shimmer in the evening. With every one of the capital city’s iconic sights boasting its own light display, an evening meal and a stroll along the Seine would set the hardest of hearts a-fluttering.

Shakespeare's Glob with Study Work Travel blog

5. Tour Shakespeare’s Globe, London

Where better to feed your inner romantic than a tour of the place some of the world’s greatest plays were heard? Head for a glass of bubbly and be sure to rent a seat cushion (or take your own) to take in one of the Bard’s masterpieces in the place that hears it best.

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Top 5 romantic travel dates infographic

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