Powis Castle

Set among charming grounds in the lovely Welshpool, Wales, Powis Castle is a beautiful medieval gem, overflowing with treasures from all over the world. Whilst we couldn’t help but take hundreds of pictures of the beautiful exterior, the intriguing sights to be found inside are a traveller’s dream and not to be missed.

A side view of Powis Castle | Study Work Travel Blog

Dreamy Grounds

If you’re looking for the perfect winter walk with some unexpected turns, this is it. Countless meandering paths make up the gardens of this intriguing property and are the perfect place to wrap up warm and go exploring on a crisp day. The views from the bottom of the garden, toward the gates and past the tea room are really quite striking. Look out over the beautiful gardens, the castle perched up on high before you, and it will feel like you are in another world.

A giant yew tree Powis Castle | Study Work Travel Blog

Pass Italianate terraces and charming statues lining the path, you’ll even get to walk through a gigantic yew hedge, trust me this thing is massive. Like some sort of podgy building, step inside to feel as though this unusual creation has swallowed you whole. Check out the formal garden sections and the commanding great lawn with views across the Breidden Hills and the lovely Severn Valley.

A view from the garden at Powis Castle | Study Work Travel Blog

Grand Adventures

Inside the castle itself, you’ll find walls lined with incredible treasures and ornate furniture that is out of this world. There is even a Sultan’s state tent (or part of it) just off the ballroom! Staircases adorned in beautiful paintings, grand fireplaces, brightly plumed birds and countless cosy corners fill the rest of the property, with views from every window stretching for miles.

Discover Distant Lands

The Clive Museum, homed within the expansive grounds of the castle is one for the infinitely curious. Full of everything from bejewelled weapons to intricate carvings, books on a world of subjects and more, the museum is a testament to the Clive family who filled it with the abundant treasures. Spending years exploring India, they brought back countless mementos of their visits, ready for you to discover at Powis Castle even today.

A telephone box at Powis Castle | Study Work Travel Blog

Fast Facts:

  • Powis Castle was built in Medieval times on the English and Welsh border. Unlike most Welsh castles built in the late 13th Century, Powis was constructed by a Welsh Prince, not Edward I.
  • The castle has a string of well-known guests, the young Queen Victoria even visited Powis in 1832.
  • The Castle is full of items from the India and Far East boasting the largest private collection in the United Kingdom.
  • Check out the sculpture of a cat locked in battle with a snake in the castle. Allegedly originating in Ancient Rome, it might be over twice as old as the castle itself, dating from 100 BC – 100 AD!
  • Bear in mind the garden tea room won’t be open during the winter months. Instead, head to the courtyard cafe for a lovely Welsh Cake and a hot chocolate with the view.

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A hidden picture frame at Powis Castle | Study Work Travel Blog

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