An Afternoon of Culture on London’s South Bank

An afternoon outing to central London took us to the cultural South Bank for an afternoon of discovery among some of London’s iconic sites. From entrancing sights of the capital city’s skyline to a glimpse of one of the most famous playwrights to ever live, here’s what we got up to on a trip to London’s South Bank.

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Shakespeare’s Birthplace – Stratford Upon Avon

Stratford upon Avon was made for weekend wanderings and is the perfect place for Shakespeare-lovers like myself to nerd out. A shrine to all things Bard, this riverside gem is perfect for book-lovers and sight-seers alike. Read on for everything you can check out whilst exploring this midlands haven.

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A First-Timer’s Guide to TheatreCraft 2018

With workshops on everything from costume design to crafting an online presence, TheatreCraft 2018 was the biggest yet. Supplying some of the biggest name drops including Royal Shakespeare Company’s Lead Producer (insert fangirl shriek here) and Tony & Olivier-award-winner Christopher Oram, this year’s event was a year of firsts. Taking over mammoth spaces including the iconic Waldorf Hotel, the Adelphi, Lyceum and Novello theatres with everything newbies (and not-so-newbies) to the industry could possibly need. And the best part? It’s completely free! Read on for what I got up to during my day there.

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Top Things to Do on a London Weekender – Things to Make you Feel Oh-So-British

Drawing people from all over the world, London is jam-packed full of sights and sounds to explore. Taking a weekend trip there might make it seem like you couldn’t possibly fit it in so I’ve rounded up my very top things to do during your time in England’s capital city, all for under £50.

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A Weekend in London – Why Mousetrap is a Must-See for Any Theatre-Goer

Taking a trip down to London for TheatreCraft 2018 (more about that in another post), we decided to make it a weekend of first’s. Stopping off for a quick hot chocolate we had a flick through a leaflet, finding an advertisement for the world’s longest running stage production. A quick google later and our minds were made up, we were off to the theatre!

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Why Messy Scrapbooks are the Best

Starting out on my solo travels, one of the biggest things for me was keeping track of everywhere I had been and all of the amazing pictures and memories I had picked up along the way… enter scrapbooking stage left. But, starting out with notebook in-hand wasn’t so easy, as a self-confessed perfectionist my heart broke as I saw perfect pages laid siege to with a whirlwind of snatched minutes and splodged mementos. Once my initial illusions had been well and truly shattered however, I came to the conclusion that, you know what, this thing was turning into something pretty darn cool.

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Foyles Book Shop, London’s Masterpiece

Packed to the brim with floors and floors of every type of book imaginable, Foyles is a book-lover’s dream with everything from Russian Literature (in its original language) to joke books for quirky gifts. Head upstairs and you will also find the perfect reading spot in a lovely café overlooking it all.

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Wizarding Wednesdays, St. Paul’s New Attraction

Muggles and wizards alike will gaze in awe at the new installation sitting between the millenium bridge and the glorious St. Paul’s Cathedral. Put in place in anticipation of the new Fantastic Beasts film, giant wands light the way up to the lit dome to raise awareness for J.K Rowling’s charity Lumos.

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Top Independent Book Shops in the Midlands

As a book-addict extraordinaire, a good book shop is my idea of heaven, but if you want to shy away from the massive chains dominating the high street, here are a few of my favourite independent bookshops in the Midlands just waiting for you to explore.

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