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Europe contains some of the most diverse nations and cultural differences. From the incredible islands of Croatia’s Adriatic coastline, to Rome’s historical forum and jaw-dropping colosseum, here are some of my favourite European travels.

How to Survive Rome on a Budget

One of the most romantic and historically significant cities in the world can often come at quite a price for unsuspecting travellers. But, having spent a weekend there for barely anything, we found that you really don’t need to splash the cash to have the city break of your dreams. Read on for your one-step…

Why you Shouldn’t Miss Montenegro’s Stunning Sights

A land of dipping chasms and captivating lakesides, Montenegro really is one of the most visually stunning places i have ever visited. Often overlooked by those visiting it’s neighbouring Croatia for Game of Thrones sights, Montenegro offers a special something away from the crowds and the perfect opportunity to uncover dreamy landscapes not many get…

Bunny Island – Day Trips From Dubrovnik

Head down to the seafront famous for its Game of Thrones scenes and you will find a little harbour packed full of boats. Some privately owned, some advertising trips, here you will find access to the islands that surround Croatia’s Dubrovnik, sights that you’ll kick yourself if you miss.

An Insider’s guide to Marbella

My home for 7 months, the Costa del Sol will always be a part of me. Far from the tacky beach-side tourist spots it is famed for, to me it was the rolling hills and beautiful scenery I walked through, the glimpses of Morocco and Gibraltar I woke up to on a clear day and…

Dubrovnik Survival Guide

The enchanting and beguiling ‘Pearl of the Adriatic’ sits on Croatia’s shores, jutting out into the sea with a dream of medieval walls and imposing churches. From Game of Thrones fanatics to history-lovers, everyone will find something to enthrall and captivate them in Dubrovnik and it is certainly one of the most memorable places I…

Last-Minute Amsterdam on a Budget

A short while ago I found myself stuck in an airport with my Mum having to somehow book and plan a trip within a few hours after we missed our flight to Stuttgart. Thankfully it all worked out and we managed to find flights for that afternoon to Amsterdam! 😀 You can read all about what…

Unearthing the Cultural Side of Andalusia

Known for its seaside hubs and glorious sunshine, the Costa del Sol is the ultimate Spanish beach holiday destination. Step away from the crowds however and a world of cultural sights await, just waiting to be discovered.

The Ultimate European Travel Bucket List

It’s that time of year again, as the new year looms our resolutions have risen once again to the forefront. Making travel your goal for 2019? Check out my ultimate European travel bucket list for my top European travel experiences you should tick off in the next year.

My Top 5 City Adventures

From modern wonders to ancient enticements, city breaks really are in a league of their own with no one quite like another. I’ve rounded up my favourite places (in helpful infographic form) for the perfect city escape.

Top 5 Romantic Travel Dates

Whilst there’s nothing like going-against-the-grain when it comes to romance, some places are just made to cosy moments for two. With valentines day coming up, here are my favourite travel-inspired outings to give you those all-important butterflies.

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