Exploring Zakynthos Town – Greek Island Hopping

Following on from our early travels in Zakynthos, we headed to the main town of the island. Zakynthos town, otherwise known as Zante town. Read on for my guide to what you should check out in the lovely town of Zakynthos.

Zakynthos Ocean

Visiting Zante Town

Zakynthos is around a 15-minute drive from Kalamaki. If you manage to catch a bus (a rarity in the off-season) it will cost you around €1.80 to get there. A taxi will cost around €10 so for the four of us didn’t work out as much more. This way we got to have a little chat with the taxi driver on the way too!

Hopping aboard with our friendly taxi driver, we were on our merry way to the centre. On the way, we passed endless houses and dramatic craggy hillsides, beautiful. Stopping at the port, we were greeted by a vast expanse of incredible blue, unbroken but for a few mini yachts and schooners. We were off on our travels!

st nicholas church, zakynthos

Exploring Solomos Square

Our first stop was the atmospheric St. Nicholas church right on the front. Here, Sammy was thrilled when she got a free postcard as we were welcomed in. The artwork covering the walls in this place was astounding. Such fantastic decoration covered the insides, making it well worth the free visit.

Carrying on past this, we reached the first square, Solomos Square, home to some lovely statues and the Byzantine Museum. When we visited, there were a number of artistic instalments outside protesting against environmental abuse, in particular the island’s resident turtles. Solomos Square is also the perfect spot in Zakynthos to enjoy an alfresco drink in one of the cafés.

Solomos Square, Zante

Further Into Zakynthos Town

Once you have finished exploring Solomos Square, carry on through the town to the more localised St. Markos Square. Here, the town breaks off into a series of intriguing side streets, window boxes lined with flowers and a scattering of shops from butchers to mini markets. Taking a wander up a steep hill, we found our way on our very own adventure in Zakynthos.

After taking a twisty-turny road devoid of pavement, we made our way up the hillside to see what we might find outside of the main town. Climbing the slope, we came across the historical Bochali. Home, as the signposted map told us, to a castle, a number of churches and a panoramic viewpoint, something we would revisit on a later trip.

Entering the grounds of the Agios Georgios Filikon, we read up on the tumultuous history of the church and how many times it had to be rebuilt. Taking a walk around, this spot was completely silent. A contrast to the bustling main town of Zakynthos below.

st giorgios, Zante

As you are sightseeing around this area, be sure to take in everything around you. It seemed like most people around drove up this hill rather than walking (not a bad idea in the heat) so it was fascinating taking our time to see how everyday Zakinthians lived their lives.

If nothing else, the views from up here are incredible. The deep, striking blues of the sea and sky make a beautiful contrast against the greens of the land and the terracotta roofs below.

The view from Bochali, Zakynthos

Zakynthos Seafront

Zakynthos’ beautiful promenade is lined with shops and cafés buffering the sheer blue of the ocean. It is a lovely place to pass the time and somewhere we may have bought a trinket or two to take home.

Wandering along the front, we were struck by how clear the waters were and decided to take a seat on the wall and rockery below to admire it all. Soon this wasn’t enough and we climbed out over the rocks to dip our feet in. Heaven.

If you do find yourself at the oceanfront in Zakynthos, do not miss the chance to take a dip in the waters here. They are unbelievably clear and gentle. Just avoid the area where the boats dock and keep to the other end of the shoreline.

Seafront in Zakynthos
Just look at those clear waters!

Take a seat on the rocks at the water’s edge and dangle your feet in. With no crowds and a lovely quiet atmosphere in this area, it is incredibly relaxing, just be careful of the splash as some of the waves hit the rocks!

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