Top 5 Things to Do in Lisbon

From the mouth-watering tastes of the iconic Pasteis de Belém to wandering the spectacular UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Sintra’s many fortresses. Lisbon has a multitude of things to discover. I’ve listed just some of my favourites in the land of cork and ornate tiling.

lisbon, portugal

Home to the world’s oldest book shop in constant operation as well as a plethora or other independent bookshops, Lisbon, Portugal, is a haven for book-lovers. Take a wander through the city and you will find a wealth of unique and beguiling corners to discover, with some captivating religious buildings giving you a real sense of cultural history of the city.

1. Visit Belém – For Spectacular Water-Side Treats

Wander the charming streets of Belém for a view of the incredible water-based Torre de Belém, charming plazas, museums and more. Don’t miss a walk across the giant map of the Portuguese empire.

2. Explore the Sintra – Discover a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Full of brightly coloured castles and dramatic hillsides, the UNESCO World Heritage Sintra is one not to be missed.

3. Go Mural-Hunting – For a Cultural View of the City

Adorning the buildings of Lisbon are an abundance of murals giving you a glimpse of native life in the city, check out some of the most spectacular ones.

4. Grab a Pasteis de Belém – Your New Favourite Sweet Treat

Sample a world-famous Pasteis de Belém for a sweet treat you won’t forget. Grab one to go and enjoy on the riverside steps overlooking the fort.

5. Visit the Castelo de São Jorge – For an Incredible View & Breath-Taking History

It is a long walk up the hillside but this moorish castle is worth the journey. With its heavily fortified battlements, medieval royal quarters and more, there is plenty to explore.

Top things to do in Lisbon Infographic

With some of the world’s friendliest people, this beautifully-tiled, colourful haven is a dream to explore whilst its many museums and historical sights will satisfy even the most restless of wanderers.

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