Top Independent Book Shops in the Midlands

As a book-addict extraordinaire, a good book shop is my idea of heaven, but if you want to shy away from the massive chains dominating the high street, here are a few of my favourite independent bookshops in the Midlands just waiting for you to explore.

Brierlow Bar

Nestled in the jaw-dropping peak district, The High Peak Book Store & cafe, brierlow Bar lays claim to being one of the largest independent book shops in the uk and it packed to the rim with everything from Shakespeare titles to local maps, all for a bargain price, if book-shopping gets too much for you there is always the comfy cafe to retire to with a range of different foods and drinks to tuck in to.

Check out their website for opening times and directions here »

Scrivener’s Books and Bookbinding

My absolute favourite thing to explore in the centre of Buxton, this magnificent book shop promises floors and floors of every book you could ever wish for in complete quirky style (as its place in the Guardian UK Top 10 Secondhand Bookstores reflects). Take a look at the antique wonders or grab yourself a good old paperback to flick to before steppin out to explore Buxton.

Check out their website for opening times and directions here »


Abacus Books & Cards

Hidden away in tiny Milton, Staffordshire this charming book shop offers a lovely collection of newer and older books with some BEAUTIFUL antique copies thrown into the mix, hidden in every cranny these guys cater for all of your bookish needs.

Check out their facebook for opening times and directions here »


Cavern Books

Homed within Dagfields’ beautiful shopping village, Cavern Books offers a huge selection of second hand books including antique classics and my favourite copies of the Agatha Christie books for pennies. As if their fantastic book collection and lovely staff were not enough, they also have a generous music selection to choose from and a pop around the corner sees a lovely tea room and tons of shops to pick up teacups, more books and plenty of other treats to go along with your purchases.

Check out their website for opening times and directions here »

Astley Book Farm

An absolute haven for book-lovers, if at first this beautiful place is hard to find, it more than makes up for it once you get there. As a farm completely dedicated to books you could lose yourself for days among the shelves and wind down after it all in the beautiful cafe. Don’t forget to pop outside to their second building the Ten Bob Barn for the bargain finds.

Check out their website for opening times and directions here »


Have your own favourite book shop to explore? Let me know in the comments so I can head off there too! Looking for more inspiration? Check back here for more of my tips and travels or click the button below.


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