The Roaches Tea Room – Tea Shop Walks in the Peak District

Perfectly placed in Upper Hulme, just off the Leek to Buxton road through the Peak District is the dreamy Roaches Tea Room. Overlooking endless natural vistas in this Staffordshire beauty spot, the tea room has undergone a number of changes over the years. From the Wednesday outings where I would be taken for tea by my grandparents as a child to my own hikes through the Roaches, this tea room has been my go-to spot for tea (and perhaps a slice or two of cake). … More The Roaches Tea Room – Tea Shop Walks in the Peak District

Stafford Shakespeare Festival

As avid fans of all things William Shakespeare, the Stafford Shakespeare Festival has become a yearly pilgrimage. With the backdrop of the magnificent Stafford Castle as its setting, each summer a spectacular performance of one of The Bard’s plays is put on. For twenty-eight years these shows have been a roaring success; the twenty-ninth was no exception. This year, The Merchant of Venice was the play chosen to entertain the masses. Find out how we got on at this celebration of Shakespeare and what we thought of this year’s show. … More Stafford Shakespeare Festival

Birmingham Back to Backs

Heading off to Birmingham this weekend, a friend and I decided to check out a sight I had been meaning to visit for quite some time. Right in the centre of Birmingham is a trip back in time, full of tin baths and old-fashioned sweets. Book in on the tour and you’ll find out everything from what a ‘gazunda’ is to exactly how many people you can really fit in a ‘two bedroom’ house. … More Birmingham Back to Backs

Why Snugbury’s is the Perfect Outing, Even in the Winter.

A beautiful place of dreams and every type of ice cream you can imagine, Snugbury’s ice cream farm is not the first place you would think of when looking for a stop off point during the winter cold. Passing by on a recent trip to Beeston Castle however, we were more than tempted. … More Why Snugbury’s is the Perfect Outing, Even in the Winter.

Sunday Snippets – Hidden Hidey-Holes & Royal Wanderings

A safe haven for Catholics escaping persecution and the site of a famous royal visit, Boscobel House & The Royal Oak is packed full of hidey-holes to discover and a ruined priory just a short walk through the charming field is the perfect spot for an autumn wandering. Step across the courtyard and a dedicated 1940’s tearoom greets you in quirky style for a sit down after your walk. Check out what we go up to in the next instalment of our English Heritage Challenge. … More Sunday Snippets – Hidden Hidey-Holes & Royal Wanderings

Introducing, The English Heritage Challenge

As lovers of all things history and castle-related, England and Wales are a treasure trove of days out and out-of-the-blue nerdy visits. That’s why, when visiting the lovely Kenilworth Castle recently we were more than taken in by the genius salesman that was the membership stand man. However, we also love a good bargain, so jumping on a year’s membership we decided to set ourselves a challenge. … More Introducing, The English Heritage Challenge

The Great Pottery Throwdown – Throwing Pots in the Potteries

By some chance or miracle it just so happened that this week my mother and I had the same week-day holiday. By that same chance however it also happened to be the same day we were experiencing some of the worst rain OF THE YEAR. Safe to say our plans of walkies went straight out of the window so we decided to do something that every potter should do at least once in their lives. We headed to the Wedgwood factory to throw down some clay and make our very own pot. … More The Great Pottery Throwdown – Throwing Pots in the Potteries