The Great Pottery Throwdown – Throwing Pots in the Potteries

By some chance or moracle it just so happened that this week my mother and I had the same week day holiday. By that same chance however, it also happened to be the same day we were experiencing some of the worst rain OF THE YEAR. Safe to say our plans of walkies went straight out of the window so we decided to do something that every potter should do at least once in their lives. We headed to the Wedgewood factory to throw down some clay and make our very own pot.


Booking online was a breeze and after a quick call to the visitor centre to check timings, we were off! Arriving at the glistening centre past Orient Express-style railway facades and a giant statue of the man himself, we were welcomed and directed up the stairs to the Master Crafting studio. Positioned in the middle of professionals doing their work we did feel a tiny bit intinidated until we rolled our sleeves up and donned the Wedgewood-blue aprons ready to get to work.

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