Taking on the Stars – The National Space Centre

A sunny Easter holiday saw us making the drive across to Leicester to visit somewhere I have had my sights set on for a while. Boasting space suits, astronaut training (ish) and a glorious domed screen, the space centre is a trip around the moon and more.

Surprisingly close to the centre of Leicester, the centre is visible as a tower of what looks like poofy plastic. Could it get more space-like? Parking up we made our way to the front desk for our ticket to the stars from a lovely chap who didn’t at all mind our million-and-one sets of ticket requests.

National Space Centre entrance with Study Work Travel Blog

Winning Feature: If you buy a day pass for the National Space Centre, you get to return as many times as you like in a year for FREE!

Upon entering you are supplied with a ticket that will serve as your astronaut identity for the day. You’ll scan this at the machine to see which position you have been assigned and use it to complete each of the training tasks around the centre. You’ll also use it to access the incredible domed show screen to learn all about how we go to the moon and beyond in incredible fashion.

National Space Centre with Study Work Travel Blog

Looks like an incredible painted ceiling, complete with pillars, right? It is actually a screen where you will be surrounded at every angle with sights of space and our efforts to get there. Complete with super-comfy reclined chairs, this was one of the highlights of the centre.

Continue around the centre and you will find a ton of tests to get you ready for space travel. Or so the nice lady on the screen told me. From directing a rover to keeping track of supplies in space, there were a ton of interactive exhibits to get you involved. If a gentle stroll and learning through words is more your thing, each pod has a ton of cool space facts and belongings from real missions to check out including everything from how astronauts brush their teeth to the tea Tim Peake took out into space. Can you believe that guy got his own space menu designed for him?

Peake's Tea, National Space Centre, Study Work Travel Blog

Also on our travels, we discovered a ton of cool things that were most definitely made for our size, as well as loads of things to climb on, in and through during our space journey.

Our astronaut training complete, it was time to go off in search of new adventures, namely a student flat in Leicester for a family catch-up. If you fancy heading off to the National Space Centre, check out the map below. Tickets start at around £15 per adult with discounts for kids, students and more. With a full day packed out with things to explore, it’s worth the ticket cost and they have a ton of events going on throughout the year too!

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