Why Snugbury’s is the Perfect Outing, Even in the Winter.

A beautiful place of dreams and every type of ice cream you can imagine, Snugbury’s ice cream farm is not the first place you would think of when looking for a stop off point during the winter cold. Passing by on a recent trip to Beeston Castle however, we were more than tempted.

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Marked by the iconic 40ft sculpture of Beatrix Potter’s much-loved Peter Rabbit, rebuilt after being burned down by a fire, the Snugbury’s farm sits on a quiet country road in Cheshire. The perfect place to head to in the summer, with ice cream and pretty seating places galore, we caught sight of it on our drive with a new addition.

After numerous recognisably blue plaques suggesting a stop off, we caught sight of one that read ‘warm up with a SnugPud’. If you love their ice cream but can’t quite face a chilly cone on a frost-filled day, try one of these. Try one of them ANY time.

With a selection to choose from we opted for the Cookie Sandwich and the S’more than a Brownie. We were in heaven. Based on a warm brownie, topped with your ice cream of choice (mine was honeycomb), and crowned with a toasted s’more and lots of chocolate sauce, it was a delicious warmer on an extremely windy day. The Cookie Sandwich was, as it suggests, two melting cookies sandwiching a scoop of Snugbury’s ice cream, tons of chocolate sauce and a toasted s’more to finish.

snugbury's with Study Work Travel Blog

If a winter warmer drink is more your think for fighting off the cold, the ice cream hot chocolate with s’more should be right up your alley. You’re welcome. With a lovely seating area inside, thankfully less busy during winter months and overlooking the mammoth amount of ice cream choices on offer, you couldn’t pick a better stop off point.

Step outside and you will find the charming grounds of Snugbury’s to enjoy, a lovely courtyard and enclosures with farmyard friends are made even more picturesque when the strings of lights light up the courtyard as the day draws to a close. Definitely a lovely stop along the road and an unexpected treat to banish the cold. Who knew winter and ice cream went so well together?

Visited Snugbury’s yourself? Let me know your favourite flavour in the comment section. After more? Click the button below to see all of my latest adventures.

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