20 Things to Do Before 2020

And… here we are! My 20th blog on StudyWorkTravelBlog! As a mini celebration I’ve pulled together a list of 20 things I want to achieve/do before the year 2020, from tackling the UK’s highest peaks to catching sight of some of the most beautiful wonders of the world, here are the top things that made my list.

20 before 2020 from study work travel blog

1. Climb Ben Nevis

I may collapse at the top, but I am determined to climb this bad boy and tick the UK’s highest peak off my list at some point.

2. Take a flying lesson

Be it a helicopter flight or a mini plane taking to the skies is the ultimate goes and I’m aiming to tick this one off by the time 2020 rolls around.

3. Make yoga a regular thing again

Stretching out used to be a thing, sadly this one has fallen to the wayside but I’m finally combatting my hunched-over-a-computer stance, dragging my reluctant yoga partner along for encouragement.

4. Visit the beautiful Cappadocia, Turkey

I’ve wanted to visit this place since the first time I saw a picture of it and Joanna Lumley exploring it on her new show majorly put the green-eyed monster in place!

5. Tick off my final country to visit in the UK

Home to a ton of cool sights (not to mention Game of Thrones stuffs) Northern Ireland still eludes me but I’m definitely aiming to tick this one off my list.

6. Complete a post-graduate level course

Having temporarily finished with the student life *sob* I’ll be heading back to the books and doing what I love.

7. Be able to read a whole book in German

Having neglected my language skills of late, being able to get through a full book in German would be an extreme winner (even if it is a simple one).

8.  See New Orleans

The atmospheric French quarter and that sweet sweet jazz were missed out on during my State-side wanderings so next time around they WILL be ticked off my list.

9. Discover two new tea rooms for afternoon tea sessions

As a massive tea addict there really is nothing better than settling down to a tiered marvel.

10. Visit the Isles of Scilly

A hidden gem of the British Isles and Mediterranean weather, what’s not to love? These Isles have been on my list for a long time and is somewhere I NEED to see before 2020!

11. Read 100 new books

With such a hectic lifestyle I rarely find time to read any more but my to-read pile is slowly getting smaller (even if I seem to pick up another three every time I enter a book shop).

12. Pass the 200 blogs marker on here

Getting there one step at a time it will be 20 to 200 by 2020 (take THAT future self!).

13. See Cosford Air Show

Somehow I manage to miss this one every year but the loop-the-loops and nose dives are calling me!

14. Visit Greece

The original home of Myth and Legend (plus some fantastic weather). Greece is a magical land of sprawling islands and a rich cultural history. Plus, I know someone who would quite literally swoon at the vast history of the place!

15. Tick four new countries off my ‘to visit’ list

Having caught the travel bug at a very young age I have slowly been ticking countries off my ‘to see’ list with four new flags ready to be collected by the time 2020 rolls around.

16. Climb Snowdon three more times

The mighty Yr Wyddfa! One climb is simply not enough, even two climbs for that matter! This true natural wonder always leaves me with a sense of accomplishment every-time I conquer it, so why not three more times (with a new route to add to the books)? Mewn pohb dye-on-ee uh my goo-obr!

17. Zipline Europe’s longest zipwire

Climbing mountains is not the only thrill that Snowdonia provides. Nestled in the heart of this breath-taking national park is Zipworld’s “Velocity 2”, the fastest zipline in the world. Reaching mind-boggling speeds of 125mph (that’s 5mph FASTER than skydiving speed!) this is definitely something I need to experience (and be incredibly scared doing).

18. Brush up on my Photoshop skills

Snapping away on my various trips I rarely have time to have a play with Photoshop so this is a must-do as I’m sorting out my holiday snaps!

19. See the Northern Lights

The otherworldly bridges of the Aurora Borealis as it dips and sways in a melody of colour should be on anyone’s bucket list and I just can’t wait until I am sat freezing to death catching a glimpse of this beauty.

20. Be able to create a new piece of pottery myself

Having tried out our new potter skills recently we’ve made it our mission to create more useless pottery bits to add to our collection.

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What do you have on your to do list? Share your ideas in the comments section and click that lovely red button for more travel inspiration coming soon.

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