Airport Hacks – How to Make the Most of Birmingham’s No. 01 Lounge

From tasty water (yes that is a thing) to a library area, the best way to travel in style is to fill your boots with a luxury trip to one of the airport lounges. Travelling abroad recently to sunny Cape Verde we decided to indulge in a birthday treat with a trip to Birmingham’s No. 01 lounge and arrived bright and early for our first taste of the high life, here’s what we got up to whilst we were there with some tips on how to make the most of your splurge (or your everyday experience for those rich guys).

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A Sit-Down Meal

Depending on your time of flight, (and entry) you will get a choice of either the breakfast or main menu. If your time spans both, I would recommend holding out until the main menu comes into play as, whilst both are incredibly delicious, the main menu offers a bit more to fill your belly. From this, you get a full main menu fired up by the kitchen chefs specially for you. I have to say, the Salmon Salad was AMAZING, whilst the wrap was equally delicious (I may have pinched a bit to try). With a choice of one dish, it really is up to your which one you choose.

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Gorge on the Buffet

From soups to sandwiches, mouth-watering cakes to yummy biscuits, load up on this bad boy once you have done with your meal (or to fill in the gap whilst you wait for the lunch menu) and you will be set for the day. Trust me, if you are like us, you will have to be rolled out of that place.

Free Drinks Galore

Aside from the flavoured water, juices and hot drinks available from the help-yourself, the lounge features its very own fully stocked bar and, short of champagne, (an extra charge) EVERYTHING is included in your pass, what better time to indulge yourself than to toast the start of your holiday? Just don’t go TOO overboard, you have a flight to catch! Those travelling for business can tuck right in to the made-to-order hot drinks/non-alcoholic menu, the hot chocolate from here was brilliant.

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Whilst you should have an allotted time of entry on your printed pass, the guys at the front are not overly strict on the entrance time unless you are in a group so don’t worry about hanging about needlessly in the duty free trying to waste time and instead just head there after passing through security and grabbing any last-minute items. Those looking for a magazine or two to read during the flight will also be treated with the free reading materials ready for the taking in the lounge with enough choice even for fussy readers like me.

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