Charlies Cat Cafe, Stone

As some of you may know, some of my favourite things include tea and cats so when I found out there was a cat café just a few minutes down the road from me, I just HAD to visit! Here is everything I got up to at Charlies Cat Café in Stone.

Charlie's Cat Cafe Stone
One of the café cats finding a comfy spot

Visiting Charlie’s Cat Café

To get to Charlie’s Cat Café you’ll need to get to the small town of Stone in Staffordshire. If you are wondering where the best place to park to visit this Stone Cat Café, we usually find that the public car park on Crown Street is the best spot for reaching most of the places in the town and sits right on the canal in case you fancy a wander after filling up on tea and cake.

You’ll find Charlie’s Cat Café on High Street within its quirky setting in an old bank. You’ll still have to buzz in through the security door to enter which lives on from the building’s use as a bank which handily work to prevent daring cat escapes at the same time.

Inside Charlie’s Cat Café, Stone

Once you pass through the reception area you’ll find yourself in a lively open café space with plenty of space for grabbing a bite to eat and getting to know the feline inhabitants of this Midlands cat café.

Turn the corner to the left and you’ll find another cosy space filled with sofas and squidgy chairs perfect for lounging in. Just be wary when you sit down, the lining of one of the sofas is a favourite spot for one or two of the cats. We arrived to find one of the beautiful kittens sat below us, who then proceeded to chase off another cat who tried to bed down in his spot!

Once you have found your spot on one of the comfy seats, be sure to check out the guide to the cat residents of Charlie’s Cat Café to find out a bit about the furry friends wandering around the café. You’ll find out which kitties live a good fuss, which ones are shy and which ones are happy to sit purring in your knee.

hot chocolate at the cat cafe stone
Delicious hot chocolate at the cat café in Stone

What’s on the Menu at the Cat Café?

When visiting Charlie’s Cat Café Stone you can eat as much or as little as you like! If you fancy trying some local food, why not try out a Staffordshire oatcake with bacon and cheese for a tasty treat. Looking for something a bit more sweet? The cat café also boasts a wide array of cakes along with ample hot and cold drinks for you to sip on whilst playing with the cats. You can even enjoy afternoon tea at the cat cafe for a special occasion or just because!

How Much is it to Visit Charlie’s Cat Café?

As with many other Cat cafés in the UK, Charlie’s Cat Cafe charges a fee to enter in addition to any food and drink you may purchase during your visit. When we visited, the booking fee for Charlie’s Cat Café was £9 per person and an afternoon tea was £25 but be sure to check their website for the most up to date prices and to book!

Where is Charlies Cat Café

Charlie’s Cat Café is in Stone, Staffordshire and can be found just off the main street through the town. You’re looking for the old bank as that is where the Cat Café calls home.

It’s safe to say we had a purr-fect (sorry) time visiting the cats at Charlies Cat Café and left extremely full of oatcakes and cake after a cuddle with the cats. Not only is it a lovely place to pass an afternoon, Stone’s cat café raises money for cat charities so is well worth a visit!

Looking for more cat cafés? Take a look at my visit to Shakespaw Cat Café in Stratford Upon Avon here. Or find out more about Manchester Cat Café here.

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