Behind the Scenes With English Heritage at Witley Court

Whilst blogging online is my forte, I recently got invited to a photoshoot at the English Heritage’s beautiful Witley Court & Gardens as part of their ‘my experience’ feature in their monthly magazine, here’s what I got up to during the trip.

Thankfully the sun made an appearance as we arrived at Witley Court!

Our Witley Court PhotoShoot

As many of you may know, one of the biggest focusses for my blog in the past few years has been exploring some of the UK’s fascinating historic sites as part of my self-created English Heritage challenge. Recently English Heritage’s media pros reached out with an interesting proposition. An invite to share my experiences in print with an exclusive interview in the soon-to-be-reopened and incredibly captivating Witley Court & Gardens.

Whilst I try to include both free and paid (or free to members) sites within my blog, those who are members may be familiar with the English Heritage Magazine and its ‘My Experience’ section. This part of the magazine features tales of those inspired by the properties English Heritage care for as well as those who have experienced the properties in a really unique way, such as the person born within Stone Henge.

Having made it my mission to visit as many properties as possible during the year, thus getting the most I possibly could out of the English Heritage membership cost, my adventures caught the eye of the team who asked if I would be willing to share my travels around England’s historic sights with their readers. After doing a very excited dance, I of course said yes and discovered that not only did they want to hear what I had to say, I would even get my very own photoshoot at once of my favourite English Heritage properties, Witley Court and Gardens in Worcestershire.

A Public-Free Witley Court

Whilst Witley Court has been closed like many other properties during the nation-wide lockdown, English Heritage arranged a behind-the-scenes visit for our shoot arranged by the lovely site manager Rob. To say that I felt like an ultra-VIP as they unlocked the gates is an understatement along with it being the PERFECT opportunity to take it the jaw-dropping sights of Witley Court without the usual busy visitors there. Having started the drive there with the rain pouring down on the car, I was more than a little concerned about getting absolutely soaked during the shoot. However, the rain stopped just in the nick of time as we approached the property ready to meet the amazing photographer Adam for our shoot.

I may have droned on about how beautiful Witley Court and Gardens are in my previous blog but seeing the picturesque ruins and beautiful gardens without the usual visitors as the sun hit it just right was an incredible experience and an absolute honour. I can’t think of a better place to hold a photoshoot dedicated to all things English Heritage, from the enchanting arches that look out over the grounds to the magnificent restored fountain of Perseus and Andromeda, I really couldn’t ask for a better backdrop! Clambering up to the top of the hill for a good view of the property and looking out from the arched terraces, we managed to grab some shots looking out over the captivating fountain, gardens and ruins beyond before taking a wander through the more built up areas of the site as I battled long hair on a windy day and tried to take it all in.

Featuring in the English Heritage Magazine

Despite the lovely people over at the magazine sending me a digital proof, there’s nothing quite like the real thing! After countless checks of the mail to see if my English Heritage magazine was here yet, we got a text through from a family friend whilst we were out with a picture of me living it up in their magazine! Whilst writing online lets me share my stories with people around the world, explaining to older family members exactly what a blog is isn’t always easy so to be able to sit down with my nana and show her my face in a magazine has meant the world and given her a tiny glimpse into what I’m talking about.

The English Heritage Magazine finally arrived!

Where is Witley Court & Gardens?

The dramatic ruins of Witley Court & Gardens sit within beautiful woodland and can be found in the lovely Midlands in Great Witley, Worcestershire. Simply pop WR6 6JT into your sat nav.

Has Witley Court Reopened?

The great news is that Witley Court & Gardens are now back open for visits! You can find out more with the latest updates on the properties English Heritage page here as well as info on how to book and the safety measures in place during visits.

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