Exploring Witley Court

Our English Heritage Challenge this week saw us hopping in the car off to Worcestershire to the beautiful Witley Court & Gardens to make the most of that lovely autumn sun among Witley’s jaw-dropping grounds. Check out how we got on below, and be sure to check out our challenge so far here.

Witley Court & Gardens with Study Work Travel Blog

Nestled in Worcestershire’s charming farmland is a grand Italianate mansion with a difference. Having been the victim of a dramatic fire in 1937, Witley Court was the setting for countless lavish parties and revelry. Walking the stone shell that lies there you will be impressed by how much of this grandeur still remains. It seems that all that is missing is a roof. Wander through former ballrooms, walls adorned with exquisite masonry and you will wonder why on earth anyone would ever let this place go.

Witley Court & Gardens with Study Work Travel Blog

Grand Sights

If the magnificent pillared grand entrance didn’t impress you, stepping outside to views of the truly spectacular fountain of Perseus and Andromeda from an enchanting stone terrace certainly will. Having undergone a large-scale restoration in former years, this fountain (one of two) has been restored to its former imposing glory, and what a sight it is. Wander the grounds nearby until the melodic clock strikes the hour and you will be rewarded by a memorable spectacle. Shooting streams of water 100 feet into the air, the mammoth feats of the fountain will leave you in awe as it makes an imposing feature of the landscape. Just don’t stand too close to the far side unless you want to be caught in its spray.

Witley Court & Gardens with Study Work Travel Blog

Tea Room Tattle

Take a wander to the right of the hall, along a dirt path and you will find a charming church and the spooky crypt below. Wander further and your path takes you to the beautiful Garden Tea Rooms, set, as you might have guessed among lovely gardens and the perfect place for your tea break. Turn right as you enter the building for the tea room main counter and a tray of sweet delights. Turn left however and a beautiful conservatory piled with tumbling foliage greets you.

Witley Court & Gardens with Study Work Travel Blog

Looking for more trip inspiration? Check out our English Heritage Challenge here for an up-to-the-minute run-down of everything we have been up to and be sure to check in again soon for more.

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