Welcome Back to Travelling

Welcome back to Study Work Travel Blog 💕

The recent pandemic put of a dampener on a lot of things for people and we are still feeling the effects even as the threat dies down somewhat. The pandemic for me meant losing someone I was very close to and would share my travels with which caused me to step away from the travel-blogging sphere for a while as well as the lull in my travels.

However, time is a healer and I’m back once again to share my travels near and far and to tell all of you lovely people all about my trips. So here is a mini hello again from me to you and I hope we will be hearing much more from each other as I take the dip back into travel and updating my blog once again.

Back in the world of travel, I’ve got plenty of updates from some of my latest trips including airport madness, combating new airline baggage restrictions, European city guides and more so stay tuned!


Whilst I have been taking a step back from the travel blogging, I have been picking up more than a few good reads! If books are your thing, check out my new Bookstagram and join the conversation!

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