Shakespaw Cat Cafe – The Midland’s First Cat Cafe

Taking a wander to the lovely town of Stratford-Upon-Avon in Warwickshire, we went in search of the purr-fect Cat Cafe. Inspired by its position in the birthplace of William Shakespeare, the Shakespaw Cat Cafe is home to a family of furry friends and an abundance of sweet treats to enjoy.

Shakespaw Cat Cafe stratford with Study Work Travel Blog

Inside Shakespaw’s Cat Cafe

Step inside the flower-covered doorway and ring the bell to be welcomed into kitty haven. The middle door is kept locked at all times to protect the cats so don’t worry if it doesn’t open at first!

Tip: Ring ahead or go online (check out their website here) and reserve your spot to guarantee a table. It isn’t a big venue so can get quite busy on popular days!

welcome sign cat cafe stratford upon avon

Inside, the room is filled with floral decorations and customers tucking into tea and cakes. You’ll notice the kitchen area is grated off to stop the more greedy cats from getting to the food (particularly this one below). Whilst the cats at other cat cafes I’ve been to haven’t seemed fussed by human food, these guys take after my own fur-babies in fancying a sniff of the good stuff!

Cat at the Shakespaw Cat Cafe, Stratford Upon Avon

Food at the Cat Café

With a menu full of hot drinks, cakes, sandwiches, breakfasts and more, you will have plenty of choice for food at the cafe, set in a beautiful vintage tearoom. Whilst the cake and hot drink option is perfect for lighter bites, I would definitely recommend the afternoon tea! Complete with vintage pottery and some of the quirkiest teapots I’ve seen, this one is definitely in-keeping with Stratford-upon-Avon’s traditional atmosphere.

Note: Other Cat Cafes I’ve visited such as Manchester have included a drink in your admission but have an admission price of £12 to cover this. For the Shakespaw Cat Cafe you pay for whatever you eat & drink so have the option of the full menu.

Tea time in Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire

Our Afternoon Tea

Set on a lovely tiered cake stand, our afternoon tea contained everything we needed for the perfect treat. A selection of yummy sandwiches included everything from cheese and chutney, ham and tuna to egg salad, brie and cranberry. The next tier included a choice of warm scones, clotted cream and mini pots of jam to enjoy.

Finally, the top tier included your choice of one of the delicious cakes from the cake stand. We opted for chocolate and the brightly coloured angel cake, the chocolate is definitely one to try! You’ll get unlimited leaf tea or coffee with your Cat Cafe afternoon tea so be sure to ask for a refill if you find yourself running out, we certainly did!

Staircase at Shakespaw's cat cafe stratford with study work travel blog

Depending on how busy Shakespaw’s is, you might find yourself seated upstairs or downstairs. After you’ve put your order in (or before if you can’t wait) be sure to have a wander to discover each of the cosy corners it holds. Follow the spiralling staircase down to the bottom floor and you’ll find yourself in a zany room with a roof covered in pretty flower garlands, perfect for cuddle times with the cats!

Each of the Cat Cafe’s beautiful residents has its own completely unique personality and Shakespeare-inspired name which you can find in an adorable meet-the-team guide at the back of your menu and you can really tell who has their favourite spots! Bottom, for example, loved making people jump over him on the stairs and was such an adorable fluffball!

Shakespaw's Cat Cafe Stratford, Warwickshire

House Rules

  • You’ll be allocated a 90-minute slot to eat, drink and play with the cats
  • No small children can visit the cafe
  • No feeding the cats, they can’t eat human food
  • No picking the cats up or waking sleeping kitties
Cat sleeping at Shakespaw's Cat Cafe, Stratford

Looking for more one-off cafes to discover? Check out my Quirky Cafes of Manchester blog here for a run-down of my favourites. Any questions or favourite spots of your own? Let me know in the comments section and check back again soon!

And because we all love a cat montage…

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