A Weekend in London – Why Mousetrap is a Must-See for Any Theatre-Goer

Taking a trip down to London for TheatreCraft 2018 (more about that in another post), we decided to make it a weekend of first’s. Stopping off for a quick hot chocolate we had a flick through a leaflet, finding an advertisement for the world’s longest running stage production. A quick google later and our minds were made up, we were off to the theatre!


Running into it’s 66th year, some might wonder how a ‘who-dunnit’ play has managed to keep going, surely everyone knows the story? However, the beauty of this play lies in the fact that audience and cast take a vow of silence on the matter. Sharing a secrecy that has kept the secret going (and the gasps) for over 27,577 showings. Having attended the 27,577th performance in St. Martin’s Theatre, London, we went blind into the performance and were not disappointed.


Taking a moment to admire the history of the place, you really are transported back in time with all of the glamour of a bygone age in the (almost) original home of the play. Prepare for polished oak trimmings, red velvet seating and magnificent draped staging to set the scene to fantastic effect. Upon entering you are met with the grandeur as you experience a true night at the theatre.


As the act begins, the simple effects place you within the scene as you feel the chill blustering outside. There is an atmosphere of confidentiality as you share side-looks with characters each playing a magnificent part, letting slip only details to further pull you in to the story. Half time calls for ice-creams as tradition whilst as the final curtain falls on astonished faces and a thoroughly refreshing end.

Stay tuned for more of my adventures and what I got up to at TheatreCraft 2018 soon. Why not check out my top things to do during a London weekender here and click that lovely button below for the latest!

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