Foyles Book Shop, London’s Masterpiece

Packed to the brim with floors and floors of every type of book imaginable, Foyles is a book-lover’s dream with everything from Russian Literature (in its original language) to joke books for quirky gifts. Head upstairs and you will also find the perfect reading spot in a lovely café overlooking it all.


Perfectly placed in Charing Cross, this book shop should be on the hitlist of every book-lover and certainly will not disappoint those walking its rows. Having spent at least a good hour (or more) here recently, I was in heaven and picked up more than one unusually-bound copy after spending a lifetime goggling over the shelves of a more-than-your-ordinary selection. Language lovers will also find a floor dedicated to books in a variety of languages from Danish to a Scots-own version of Harry Potter and everything else in between with entire cases devoted to the study of an abundance of languages and varying difficulties for those wanting to snap up a good book in the language (including for children).

Stepping up to the fiction floor I was in my element with rows upon rows of every genre and a dedicated section to hardback classics in an astonishing array of bindings, perfect for the book-collector in me and ideal for those looking for a one-of-a-kind gift.

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4 thoughts on “Foyles Book Shop, London’s Masterpiece

  1. Nice post! Every time I am at this place I enviously eye Harry Potter – first book written in Latin. Someday I will buy it )


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