Peak Wildlife Park – Midlands Days Out

Hiking the Peak District has to be one of my favourite things to do. But hidden up here is an absolute gem where you might find yourself taking a giant pig for a walk or petting a giant Flemish rabbit in the same day. Peak Wildlife has had a complete overhaul in recent times making it even better than ever.

Walk-Through Wildlife

Far from your average wildlife park, Peak Wildlife offers the chance to fully get up-close-and-personal with its inhabitants. With a ton of large walk-through enclosures, you can stroll right on by all sorts of creatures whilst learning everything you need to know about them from the guides on the way.

Giant Bunny Rabbits

This is not a drill. I repeat. This is not a drill. Take a wander up near to the playground and you will find the home of these amazing rabbits. It’s difficult to comprehend how big these guys are until you are sat right next to one so make sure to visit their home for a self-made meet-and-greet.

The Famous Roaches Wallabies

Whilst tales of old might have seen herds of Wallabies roaming the Roaches. These days, one of the only places you can see them in the area is here at the Peak Wildlife Park. In an open enclosure, you can walk right up to these guys to say hello as you wander through their home, there are old and young there to meet.

Ever Wanted to Make friends with a Penguin?

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who turns into a goey mess when strolling up to these guys. Walk through the Humboldt penguin enclosure and during feeding time they will come right out on to the path to say hello. Otherwise, you’ll see them taking a dip or going about their penguin business as they like behind the rope.

Find Your Own Madagascar

Head to Lemur Heights for a walk-through of all sorts Lemur species who will come up to say hello. Look out for their ringed tails having a cuddle in the high spaces and the call as they cross your path on the way. Those who prefer the company of Pygmy goats can head to the African village for a walk-through with a ton of these guys.

With a lovely café and more animals than I can fit into a blog post, Peak Wildlife Park is a day all to itself but if you are looking for more Midlands adventures, why not check out some of my favourites here. Alternatively, head to the home page by clicking that lovely button below for the very latest.

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