Keeping it Local – Checking out the King’s Pistol

As someone always on the lookout for something new, finding a local gem is the perfect way to discover something new without even having to jump on a plane. Based in Crewe and described as a ‘twisted rock n roll band’, the King’s Pistol are making their rounds of the local circuits ahead of their newest album release and I couldn’t be more excited!

The King's pistol

For those of you wondering what ‘twisted rock n roll’ sounds like, here’s a sneaky preview of their new single Evil Spirits as a taster

Pretty catchy right? Created from a unshakeable conviction to make something that would stand the test of time, the band members range from a ‘Jim Morrison after 4 beers’ to ‘a bass player trying to emulate a keyboard player, trying to emulate a bass player’ to a lifelong guitarist joining the band having never played the drums before. The result, a catchy sound and a group now with a few hundred gigs under their belt.

To put the cherry on the top, these guys release their tracks on vinyl (heaven for a vinyl-lover like myself) and distribute both vinyl and CD’s themselves to local record stores and gigs. How’s that for some anti-corporate goodness?

If you fancy taking in the quirky sounds of the King’s Pistols yourself, take a look at some of their upcoming gigs below (including one specially for Record Store Day) and show them some love!

Kings Pistol Tour Dates

And for those who can’t get there in ‘real life’ their new album is released on the 19th April with some amazing tracks (Old Red River & Black Jesus are my favourite so far) so be sure to give them a listen on Spotify or, follow their adventures on Facebook!

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