Zip-lining in Saint lucia

The beautiful Saint Lucia is jam-packed full of incredible sights and unusual excursions, not to mention jaw-dropping beaches! Given the opportunity to voyage into the nation’s jungled interiors during our short visit, we set our hearts on something that would certainly get our hearts racing after the pampering of the resorts.

Zip-lining Saint Lucia with Study Work Travel Blog

Banana Trees Aplenty

Our drive to the destination took us on a hair-raising drive that climbed higher and higher into the lush mountainous expanse of St. Lucia’s interior. Passing beautifully coloured wooden houses after house, we couldn’t help but wonder how they were balanced on the stilts that supported them, with a few seeming like they were teetering right on the edge of mammoth chasms.

The road to our chosen adventure was lined with all sorts of lovely fruit trees, with bananas aplenty hanging from their leafy heights. As a group of around 15, we had a complete mix of people with the more nervous among us preparing themselves for the afternoon’s activities.

Zip-lining Saint Lucia with Study Work Travel Blog

Prepping for Adventure

Before long we had arrived at our destination. The Treetop Adventures Zip-Lining Park. Piling out of the bus, we handed our phones and cameras to the designated snapper of the group who had not quite fancied strapping in for the ride.

Heading through the reception to the equipment sheds, we were strapped in to our harnesses, our beautiful dinner-lady hair nets and helmets. After a few adjustments, we climbed our first flight of stairs to get started from the first platform.

Here is probably a good place to stress that the park was NOT wheelchair friendly. However, are long as you are able to tackle a typical staircase with rail you will be able to take part. The zip-line itself is in a seated position with someone on ‘take off’ and arrival to help you out. A lovely lady within our group had difficulty walking but through sheer determination was able to take part.

We Have Lift Off!

With 12 different lines skirting through the rainforest canopy, the views were amazing! Each platform nestled in the trees told you a little bit about what you would be able to see from the line along with other bits about its position. My personal favourite was the Boa line where on more than one occasion a boa has been found on its lines during morning inspections.

When we got to this platform the guide started tapping on the roof telling us that he was checking if his ‘friend’ was there. His ‘friend’ turned out to be a tarantula!

With some lines reaching over 800 metres high you could safely reach around 30mph as you sped across the jungle spaces on your way.

Zip-lining Saint Lucia with Study Work Travel Blog

Incredible Guides

As I said before, as a group of 15, one or two within the group were terrified of heights. But, the guides couldn’t have been more brilliant and patient with them. Getting extra guides in to travel the lines with the more nervous members and, when one of the ladies decided to call it a day after climbing the stairs to the first line, someone sat with her until she was ready to start at her own pace. Everyone ended up loving it once they were on and it is something we all couldn’t stop talking about afterwards!

Wish I had Taken:

  • A strap-on camera (/go-pro-type-thing) I didn’t want my phone to slip out of my pocket and a camera was too cumbersome, you need both hands during the trip.

What to Bring:

  • Light, cool clothing. It is EXTREMELY hot!
  • LOTS of bug spray.
  • Water for before and after the ride (you can’t take this on with you).
  • Slightly longer shorts. Shorter ones tend to get a bit misplaced with the straps that carry you in a seat-like position.
  • A top with a covered back/shoulder area to avoid the straps rubbing on any sun-sensitive skin.
  • Fasten on shoes. No flip flops, they WILL fall off and are not appropriate for the surroundings.
Zip-lining Saint Lucia with Study Work Travel Blog

3 thoughts on “Zip-lining in Saint lucia

    1. Glad to share! You should definitely go, it really was something completely different! There are lots of places to see the sights from the air too! 🙂 xx


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