Things I’m Most Looking Forward to at This Year’s Manchester Christmas Markets

From hot dreamy drinks to sticky toffee cheese, the whirlwind of excitement that is the Manchester Christmas Markets never fails to surprise me with it seeming to get bigger every year. Here are some of the things I’m most looking forward to at this year’s festive markets.

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Mulled wine, hot apple cider, I’m waiting for it all in the iconic Manchester Christmas Market mugs, perfect for washing down those yummy treats and keeping the cold winter air at bay.

The Authentic German Spätzle

I fell in love with this during my visits to southern Germany and the markets are the perfect time for me to indulge an reminisce about that yummy goodness. Covered in cheese with tons of bacon bits is the way forward for this perfect winter dish, eaten as you wander the stalls in front of the Town Hall.

Teacake-esque Marshmallow Goodness

Sold in a world of different flavours with everything from zebra print to caramel these marshmallow delights on a biscuit base covered in chocolate are my go-to treat at the markets every year and I never fail to take a bag full home to ‘share’.

The Strange and Unusual

From toys and puzzles with no conceivable solution to quills crafted from twisted glass in a delight of colour, the markets never fail to surprise me with their inventive nature and the mesmerising things they produce.

Grabbing Some of Those Tasters

From the Cheshire Cheese co’s sticky toffee cheese to an abundance of chutneys and other tasty treats, traders come from all over the world to share their wares at the markets and are ideal for trying something completely new.

The Pottery

For a tea-lover like me, the beautiful designs that make their way to the markets every year are one of my first ports of call and I end up picking up something quirky every year to add to my collection.

Visiting the markets this year? Let me know how you get on and be sure to check out my guide to Manchester’s quirky cafés here! Don’t forget to check back soon for the latest!

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