Down the Rabbit Hole – Stoke’s Intriguing Tea Room

Looking for a multi-generational afternoon out is a difficult affair in these parts so when the Rabbit Hole Tea Room was recommended to me, I jumped at the chance to sip tea and gorge on cakes in the quirkiest of surroundings. Just a short walk from the train station, this place blew us away with mouth-wateringly delicious food and a host who couldn’t be more welcoming.

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After being shown into a room walled with grass and adorned in every corner with local touches (the lovely owner told us all about where he had found each bit) we were transported to a world of quirky charm with plunge-worthy seats and (of course, in the home of the potteries) crockery sets and that was before we had seen the menu.

A dream of scrumptious cakes and finger sandwiches, we opted for, of course, the full afternoon tea and after our choice of sandwiches, scones and tea, we were away on our journey down the rabbit hole.

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Piled with yummy goodness, these beautiful stands started us off with some pretty darn good sandwiches and chutney before moving on to our choice of scone (of which there were a few) with all of the trimmings and a choice of cake on the side. Topping the masterpiece were dainty hand-made delights with a refreshing elderflower cordial to finish things off (this thing was SO GOOD).

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If I said we managed to finish this mammoth feast, I would be lying. Luckily for us, some takeaway bags were on hand to package up the remainders for a treat later on whilst we were entertained with tales of the intriguing additions to the room including some pretty spectacular finds and fixed-up marvels. We will definitely be heading back here soon to fill our boots with cakey-goodness (or one of the brilliant events they put on here) and I heavily suggest you do the same.

Check out their Facebook page here to keep track of their goings-on (including opening times and directions) and don’t forget to check back soon for more travel adventures.

In the meantime, in Stoke fashion, “Put kettle on, Duck”!

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