Mini Day Trip to Stratford-upon-Avon

So anyone who knows me knows that I absolutely LOVE anything Shakespeare so when my boyfriend drove me all the way down to Stratford-upon-Avon yesterday for a mini day trip I was the happiest little birdy that ever lived 😀

Stratford Upon Avon RiversideAnd as if it wasn’t amazing enough that I got to visit Shakespeare’s birthplace the sun came out to see us too! When I have been down before it has been super busy and I have been down for a specific purpose so it was lovely just to ramble about the town and see the Marina (so pretty!) and have a laugh at the swan’s landing formation 😛 (such strange sounds!) Also, Shakespeare fans VISIT THIS PLACE! By the Marina is a collection of statues depicting various characters from Shakespeare’s plays and of course the great man himself.
Stratford Upon Avon Statues of Shakespeare's PlaysStratford Upon Avon Statues of Shakespeare's PlaysShakespeare Statues, Stratford upon Avon. Study Work Travel Blog

We had a wander past all of the theatres and had a quick peek in to the RSC theatre where we found the BEST BOOK SHOP EVER!!! 😀 The RSC  shop had every type of shakespeare related book you could imagine (even a Manga version) and so much shakespeare merchandise I just had to get one of the cute mini editions of plays…

Shakespeare's plays, study work travel blog

Another one to add to my collection! 😀 I may have to start building some more shelves…

An absolutely lovely day and all washed down with some lovely grub from the Pen & Parchment! I feel like such a lucky girly! 🙂 

For anyone looking at visiting the area and wanting to pre-plan, here is a map of the area listing all of the big places you need to see including Shakespeare’s birthplace and grave. And here is a PDF of Stratford’s visitor guide 🙂

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