Exploring Alton Towers Resort – The UK’s Biggest Theme Park

One of the few perks of full time office work is taking part in brand-hosted training days. Today’s trip took us to the incredible Alton Towers Hotel, Staffordshire. After a morning filling our brains, we headed to the UK’s biggest theme park to check out some of my favourite rides.

Alton towers hotel entrance with study work travel blog

Alton Towers’ Newest Addition

Having not visited the Alton Towers park for a number of years, it had gained a few additions and revamps since the last time I had visited. One of these was the new Wicker Man ride. The UK’s first wooden rollercoaster to be built for around 20 years. Queuing up for the rides atmospheric introduction, we really had no idea what to expect. As we jumped on board, we were on our rickety way, shaking over dips and loops as we passed through fiery passages. Something like a runaway mine train-type ride with added fire, this has to be one of my new favourite rides.

Wicker Man ride Alton Towers

My Top 5 Favourite Rides at Alton Towers

  1. Nemesis – No matter how many times I ride Nemesis, it still stays a firm favourite. It’s just a good old rollercoaster with everything you want from a ride.
  2. Wicker Man – Going into this for the first time, I had no idea what to expect. Be prepared for shakes, bumps and fire sacrifices to the Wicker Man on this wooden rollercoaster.
  3. Spinball Whizzer – This one has been reinvented over the years but its spins, twists and drops still remain some of my favourites.
  4. Oblivion – Yes it may just be one big drop but when you are hanging off the edge of that thing, tell me your stomach doesn’t do somersaults. Aim for the front row to get the full experience!
  5. Hex – Let’s be honest here, who doesn’t like shooting at ghosts and ghouls with a lazer gun?
Wicker Man Alton Towers

Tree-Houses and Stargazing Pods

For those staying over at the park, there are a few pretty funky options to choose from. Having parked at the hotel for the training day (how lucky are we) we decided to have a sneaky nosy around some of the other accommodations on offer. We had seen the stargazing pods advertised so couldn’t help but wander over the hill to take a quick look ourselves.

Scattered through the fields, these quaint glamping-type pods looked tiny but cosy with just enough room for beds and a nearby toilet/shower block and entertainment teepee. They even had a themed pub on the site. Our real favourites however, were the hobbit-style lodges. With rounded doorways, these looked like something lifted straight out of a fairytale. There were endless walkways and play areas to wander dotted around the lovely shire-like spaces.

The Smiler Alton Towers

Tips for Visiting Alton Towers

  • Blindingly obvious but get there early. The park closes at 4pm on weekdays, 5pm on weekends and is a huge park so use your time wisely!
  • Check out the wait times for the top rides online here to see where you should head to next.
  • Take snacks. Wandering the park with the smells of doughnuts & sweet treats in the air will make you crave that junk food, save your pennies and take things to much on whilst you are making your way around the park.
  • Prioritise your rides. Feel the need for speed of Rita or can’t go without a ride on Nemesis? Tick off your favourite rides early to avoid missing out.
  • Be a kid again. You are at a place designed for fun! Don’t get caught up moaning about the queues and be sure to pull a funny face for the camera.

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