Viva Las Vegas – What to see in the World’s Playground

Heading to the west coast of the U.S.A is a sweet jar filled to the brim with sights to see. Vegas sits as the sparkling gem at the centre of it all. A grown-ups playground perched in the middle of the Nevada desert, the city never disappoints for new and exciting things to do. Away from the slot machines, there are a wealth of things to pass your time, from European icons to mammoth aquariums. Here is a round up of my favourite things to do in the so-called ‘Sin City’ from the time I spent there.

top things to do in las vegas. study work travel blog

Jaw-Dropping Displays

Climbing to incredible heights as it dances across the water, this spectacular display is a must-see for any visitor to Las Vegas. Sync your visit to the Bellagio’s schedule for a whirlwind display of fountain waters climbing high into the air to the tune of a wealth of musical numbers.

Welcome to Las Vegas

Take a drive (or a long walk) to the edge of the party city to view the iconic ‘Welcome to Las Vegas’ sign to make sure everyone online knows just where you are. It’s also a chance to see the outer corners of The Strip and all that Vegas has on the way.

Paddle Through Venice in a Gondola

Paddle along meandering waterways dipping in and out of an indoor Venice in your very own gondola before walking charming streets in Vegas’ very own version of the Italian gem, The Venetian. The indoors of this hotel are spectacular with shopping areas adorned in floral displays and more.

Zipline Over Freemont Street

Strap in and ride high over a street of lights at the lively Freemont Street, complete with its own hair-raising ride (if you dare). The light shows here are a spectacular sight in themselves.

Climb the Eiffel Tower

Visit the city of love whilst enjoying the sights and sounds of Las Vegas. Step over the lover’s bridge, complete with decorated padlocks before making the climb towards breathtaking views of the city and the misty mountains beyond. The top of Vegas’ Eiffel Tower is the perfect spot to watch the Bellagio’s fountain display too if you time your visit right! 

Cross the Time & State Line

Take a drive or join one of the many affordable day trips out to the Hoover Dam for a world of Dam jokes and a pretty spectacular sight. Peer over the edge of jaw-dropping gulfs and marvel at spectacular feats of engineering at this man-made wonder as you cross the state line in incredible fashion with each foot stood in two different time zones.

Try your Luck

Something every over the age of 21 should do at least once during their stay. No visit to Vegas would be complete without trying at least one slot machine in the gambling city. Arrive into Vegas by plane and you’ll even find a few in the arrivals lounge with an abundance of famous spots to choose from on the strip to try your hand (responsibly!).


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Top Vegas Sights. Study Work Travel Blog

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