Why Your English Heritage Membership Book Should Never End the Year the Way the Way it Started

Having become members of English heritage last year (and setting ourselves a challenge), our guidebook went with us EVERYWHERE. From sitting on a car park overlooking Hadrian’s Wall thinking ‘where next?’ to stopping off at a Midlands tea room for the day’s inspiration. Being particularly precious about books there is nothing better than a crisp edition and that new-book smell. But this is no ordinary book.


Made for muddy days and explorations of the furthest corners of our country (and beyond) this is a book for throwing in the glove compartment, squeezing into your weekend bag as you travel and folding pages over as you sip on a good cuppa on a chilly day. This is a book of adventures. To leave it as it started would be an absolute crime.

If you are sitting there thinking ‘what on earth is this madwoman on about?’ have a think of what you are planning to do with it once the year is up and your nice shiny new guidebook makes its merry way through the post. Throw it away? Keep in stowed away in some hidden drawer never to be looked at again? Exactly! This book is for plonking on a muddy picnic table to give you opening times for that last minute trip. It’s for circling those places you plan to go or have ticked off your list, it’s for inspiration on boring days and it is for dog-eared corners, folded down for a one-day-soon.

Go forth guide book-owners and scribble, fold-over and don’t you dare leave it safe and sound at home.

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