Exploring London – ZSL a Zoo Within a Park

Visiting London recently as part of the media team for TheatreCraft 2018, we decided to make it a weekend of firsts. A night at the theatre to watch Mousetrap was one ticked off our list, our next was one more animal-orientated. Journeying into the park we made our way to ZSL, a welcome respite after the morning’s work-based interlude.

Creepy-Crawlies and More

My favourite part? The spider experience room! Full of spiders of all sorts, this was a chance to walk through a room of them hanging out in the foliage. The doors to this were also full of those not quite fancying the experience, including my accompanying zoo-goer. With everything from the people-like gorillas to absolutely HUGE lions and lionesses spending their lazy days cuddled with each other against the glass corner screens (you can get so close!) ZSL is deceptively large in its park setting with a sparkling underground tunnel taking your across the street to further animal experiences. Visit the penguins or the giant giraffes before heading on over to the majestically-striped tigers.

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Vibrant Plumage

Bird-lovers will find an abundance of walk-through sections filled with the brightest plumage whilst the rainforest centre lets you get up close and personal with a real-life sloth! Just don’t bank on using your camera though, the steamy atmosphere in here made my lens fog right up! This is also home to tiny moustached monkey’s making their rounds among a multitude of other rainforest-dwellers. Next door lies the night-time habitat. Full of cave fish, giant-eyed bush babies, bats and more, the is the perfect place to discover something new.

Top Tip: Those travelling by train should pick up the 2for1 booklets dotted around your station. You get 2 for the price of 1 on your entry!

Surreal Sizings

Wandering the grounds you will also spot the biggest pelicans I have ever seen in my life. If it came down to me vs them, I’m pretty sure they would win. Further along live the luminous-pink flamingos whilst the pygmy hippo’s bask in their very own hot tubs. Catch the shows happening throughout the day to be introduced to some of the cheekiest members of the zoo or simply explore. Having roamed the grounds until closing time I can vouch for the massive variety on offer there and would recommend it to anyone visiting the area!

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