An Insider’s guide to Marbella

My home for 7 months, the Costa del Sol will always be a part of me. Far from the tacky beach-side tourist spots it is famed for, to me it was the rolling hills and beautiful scenery I walked through, the glimpses of Morocco and Gibraltar I woke up to on a clear day and the beautiful cobbled streets and tapas bars of the numerous little villages I found on the way. … More An Insider’s guide to Marbella

How Studying Abroad Kickstarted my Travelling.

Before studying abroad, I had never flown alone, had never travelled without a suitcase and I had never even had to change flights before. A lifetime of package holidays and having everything sorted out for me had made me lazy. Flying out to North Carolina to start my semester (eventually year) abroad I was suddenly faced with visas, flight changes, solo travelling, finding cheap flights and above all working out how to fit my entire life into one tiny suitcase. … More How Studying Abroad Kickstarted my Travelling.

Marbella, Spain.

So after what seems like an eternity of radio silence… I’m here! And I have to say, waking up to this view every day is perfection in itself. After settling in I have so many posts to share with you all about the ins and outs of everything I had to sort out to get here … More Marbella, Spain.