Arcade Club – The North’s Ultimate Gaming Space

Venturing to Bury recently we found the ultimate multi-storey gaming arcade packed to the brim with everything from the classic to the high-tech. Game-lover’s and some-time-gamers alike will find something to suit them in this mammoth arcade spanning three floors. Read on for what we got up to whilst we were there.


Starting out as a private collection of just 30 games, the Arcade has transformed dramatically into a sprawling centre based in a converted mill. The perfect place for a birthday treat, my super-gamer brother was in his element with the ultimate gaming session to keep up occupied for hours. Step through the doors and you reach reception where you purchase your admission depending on how many floors you would like to access. I would highly recommend buying a ticket to access every floor to get the full experience. With a stamp on your hand letting you come and go as you please you are off!


Climb the stairs and you will reach your first destination. A thrill-packed floor with everything from pinball machines to VR headsets with enough to occupy even novice gamers. Taking my mum along for the ride let me introduce her to her first VR experience (kind of like a skiing dancer) as well us spending a decent amount of energy on the dance mats (of course) as well as a world of button-hitting, stick swizzling games paired with a good cuppa from the cafe on this floor.44967122_185187675717351_9184928755250888704_n

Ascend a further floor and all of your throwback dreams will come true with everything from tabletop space invader-esque games to bullet-packed shooting games with a whole section devoted to modern screen-based games and more. If you’re feeling peckish, this floor also has a bar where you can get burgers and hot dogs as well as a ton of other snacky marvels and drinks for a very reasonable price.


Tips for your trip

  • Map our where you will park, especially if you will be visiting during half term (*cough* us). The car park on site gets pretty packed and is quite tight for turning around in. You can park up the road or on one of the other off-site car parks.
  • Book your slot. You will need to book a time for the VR headsets to save everyone queueing at once, just ask whoever is helping out on the area at the time.

Where to Find it

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