Marbella, Spain.

So after what seems like an eternity of radio silence… I’m here! And I have to say, waking up to this view every day is perfection in itself. After settling in I have so many posts to share with you all about the ins and outs of everything I had to sort out to get here from setting up my phone in Spain, to finding my way around the local area and shopping. But for now, a little more about getting here.


For my flight here I chose to fly from a different airport as East Midlands had the more convenient flight times… HOWEVER as we pulled up in the car about a mile away from the airport we hit Download traffic, the festival was happening the day of my flight so the area was HECTIC and the airport wasn’t much better, so we sat twiddling our thumbs in a line of unmoving traffic hoping that it would pretty please move soon so that I didn’t have to run for my flight. Eventually we crept along into the car park and found a space and had just enough time for a quick drink and a goodbye before I passed through security to get to my gate. Here is where I was pleasantly surprised, I have only ever flown Ryanair on super short flights but they have pretty reasonable flights to Malaga so it all worked out pretty well. Ryanair are quite fair for their hand luggage as you are allowed one piece of hand luggage and one handbag-type-bag and as I horrendously overpacked this time it meant that I could take my mini suitcase as well as my handbag for convenience on the flight with me and leave my bigger suitcase (an additional £40 but I’m going for a while I kind of need it) in the hold.

On the flight itself I was sat next to a lovely older couple who shared their magazine with me and pointed out the festival below as we passed (I have never seen so many tents!). Price aside, the food on board was pretty decent, an13522416_10208106969046869_679920084_n.jpgd I LOVED the cute little cake boxes I got with my tea! Aren’t they just so pretty!? 😀

Now for my area, although there is a tourist centre of Marbella, the family I am staying with live separate from all of that in a lovely area on top of a hill, it’s quite a walk down to the hospital to catch the bus but by car you can be at the beach in minutes, perfect! 😀

The family is so lovely and I think I may have made my weight in Minecraft foldable characters. Minecraft if anyone doesn’t know, (I didn’t really know too much about it before I got here) is a game with fuzzy pixels in which you have to make things out of the things you find around you and involves Creepers and Endermen and lots of chickens and pigs. The kid I am staying with LOVES Minecraft and thankfully there are a load of printable characters out there with crossovers from things like angry birds and Spongebob Squarepants. I will probably do a post about them later on with some links to printables so keep your eyes peeled!

For now I shall leave it there and say TTFN until next time! 🙂 xx




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